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understanding & targeting seasonal shoppers.

One of the best ways to harness a peak shopping period is to better understand your audience and their customer journey, both on and offline. If you understand who your customers are and capture the correct data; you can target your audience earlier and make sense of the chaotic seasonal shopping periods before they begin. Using YouGov profiling data and Epiphany’s insight, we have identified four personas revealing four type of UK seasonal shoppers, and uncovered how retail brands can best capture them.

Whilst these four personas are just a snapshot of the UK’s varying consumer journeys, they demonstrate just how extensive the differences in shopping behaviour are from person to person. Have a look at the four personas we’ve uncovered below, with analysis on how best to target these customer journeys from Epiphany’s managing director, Tom Salmon, and Paid Media Development Manager, Arianne Donoghue.

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