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Our advanced SEO course is focused heavily on actionable technical SEO advice - it’ll enable you to deal with some of the more complicated situations that arise as part of an SEO campaign. We’ll train you on how to understand how Google treats elements like Javascript and parameters, alongside robots handling and what you can do for SEO with Google Tag Manager.

This course is designed for those who already have a career in SEO but have perhaps focused in the content and/or off-page areas, and would like to broaden their knowledge of the technical side, or new technical SEOs.


Log file analysis

Your Log Files (often know as Access Logs) are an important data set for analysing how search engines really interact with your site. Here, we’ll look at the data and useful tools that will allow you to see who is scraping, crawling and so much more.


Here, you’ll learn about domain strategy, content strategy and tagging and monitoring.


This section of the course will look into CDNs, HTTPS2, compression and formats, lazy loading and render blocking.


In this module, we’ll look at JavaScript issues, as well as SSR/prerender/dynamic rendering.

Robots handling

This module will look at parameter handling, meta robots and robots.txt.


Pagination can be tricky, so here we will look at how to do it right and the options available.


Accelerated Mobile Pages come with pros and cons. Here we will answer the what, the why and the should I?

Voice search

"OK Google" has the potential to change the SEO landscape over the coming years. Here we will discuss the potential future of this technology and the ways to benefit.


Google Tag Manager (GTM) can be used as a last resort to implement certain SEO techniques. Here we will show you how, why and discuss the limitations of this technique.

Proxying tools

"I wonder how well I rank in Spain?" In this module we will look at different ways of answering this, and other similar questions.

Checking and monitoring

Issues appear over time. We’ll look at how to spot them and keep on top of your website’s technical problems using analytics and external tools such as Google Search Console.

Migration handling

All sites change over time and how you handle that change can have a massive impact on performance. Here we will look at how to successfully migrate a site and examine common scenarios such as moving to HTTPS, handling dev servers, mapping URLs, headers etc.


Each training course takes place from 10am to 4pm, and the price of each course includes refreshments throughout the day and lunch. You’ll also receive a training certificate after completion of your course.

Leeds & Sheffield £349pp London £399pp
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Our trainers

Meghan Burton

Director of SEO

With a background in copywriting, Meghan now heads up a large team and, together with Malc, is responsible for defining Epiphany’s approach to SEO. She’s always believed that the goal of an SEO should be getting more eyes on content through search, not just sticking to the traditional “10 blue links” approach, and that improving websites for organic search should be a fundamental part of making the internet a better place.

Malcolm Slade

Head of Technical SEO

Malc was first exposed to SEO while studying data retrieval at University and became the first employee of Epiphany back in 2005. He progressed from being the whole SEO team through senior and management roles before finally settling in the role as Head of Technical SEO, playing on his love of problem solving. Working closely with Meghan he helps shape the Epiphany SEO offering while providing bespoke technical support, knowledge and training to the broader business and beyond.

Paul Norris

Senior Strategist

With over 8 years of agency experience, Paul began his career at a specialist marketing consultancy before joining Epiphany. Paul works with brands to help shape their marketing strategies, ensuring sites are technically sound, content resonates with their audiences and activities are prioritised to provide the best possible return.

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