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The CRO course offers an introduction to all elements involved in running an ongoing CRO programme of work, either in-house or within an agency. We’ll cover what CRO is and its relationship to UX, how to conduct qualitative research and quantitative data analysis to identify optimisation opportunities, how to translate insights into a strategy and roadmap and how to set up and analyse AB tests.

This course is designed for anyone looking to kick start a CRO programme within your business, or for marketers looking to broaden their understanding and skill set.


Intro to UX & CRO

To start the course we’ll first give a brief overview of the concepts of UX and CRO, the key benefits and differences of each. We’ll also share some success stories from our clients to help you build a business case for implementing UX and CRO processes within the business you work in or to help you convince your own clients to start investing in UX and CRO.

Heuristic review

Here we will share our heuristics framework and introduce the concept of a heuristic workshop, sharing how to prepare and run a workshop, how to document findings and how to effectively report back.

Analytics analysis

This section will focus on how to use analytics data to identify opportunities for website optimisation including key reports, tips and tricks to ensure data is accurate and actionable.

Heatmaps & session recordings

Here we’ll look into the role of additional layers of data such as heatmaps and session recordings and how they can be used to strengthen insights from the heuristic review and analytics analysis.

User research

This section will introduce the concept of user research and the benefits of incorporating it into your optimisation efforts. We’ll cover the pros and cons of remote and moderated research as well as running you through what’s involved in each.


Here we’ll look at how to transform insights into an actionable optimisation plan. This includes how to categorise recommendations, how to prioritise AB tests and how to create a roadmap.

Hypothesis generation

In this section we’ll cover how to write and structure solid hypotheses, how to create test proposals, concept design and how to determine test run length.

Build & QA

Here we’ll briefly cover testing tools, how they work and how to implement. We’ll explain how to brief developers and how to conduct robust QA.

Test result analysis

To conclude the day, we’ll cover how to conduct effective test result analysis, including how to effectively document results for different audiences, what tools and data to use and how to determine if the results are statistically valid.


Each training course takes place from 10am to 4pm, and the price of each course includes refreshments throughout the day and lunch. You’ll also receive a training certificate after completion of your course.

Leeds & Sheffield £349pp London £399pp
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Our trainers

Emma Travis

Emma Travis

Head of UX & CRO, Epiphany

Emma has eight years experience working in UX and CRO roles both in-house and agency side. Emma's training style utilises her background in behavioural research coupled with her experience supporting businesses develop a “test and learn” culture, ensuring you come away equipped to both run an effective CRO programme and communicate the value of CRO to business stakeholders.

Lorna Fraser

Lorna Fraser

Senior UX & CRO Analyst, Epiphany

As a founding member of the UX & CRO team at Epiphany, Lorna is an expert in Epiphany's industry leading CRO process. Lorna will talk you through the key aspects of developing a robust UX & CRO process, including user research methods, hypothesis development and testing.

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