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the web is social.

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  • Social PR
  • Content amplification
  • Use social metadata as an asset
  • Social advertising
  • Reputation & crisis management
  • Research and insight

innovation in social.

We were quick to identify the opportunities in social and began running social ads in 2008.

We combined our shared heritage with Jaywing of innovation, creativity, measurement and data-lead communications to create Jaywing PR. It's a new type of PR agency, built for a more complex world of fast moving multi-channel communication.  

Our innovation continues, with social metadata used in our unique approach to personalised display.

Social content.

Great brands have always been interested in dialogue with their audience. Social gives audiences the power to start this conversation and, as brand is increasingly controlled by consumers, connects you with your customers. 

That’s why we’ve developed tools like Harvest, which helps our teams to identify influencers, social themes and trends for clients to engage with.

We also use responsive design to ensure that our social content can be consumed on mobiles, often promoted by in-feed programmatic advertising.

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content amplification. .

Epiphany and our PR specialists Jaywing PR create content that gets shared on the social web and in mainstream press. Our Naughty Pets campaign for Direct Blinds reached 20 million consumers, prompting BBC Radio 4 presenter Winifred Robinson to comment: "It's the dream marketing idea that makes the news and gets on programmes like this one. Direct Blinds has done it!" 

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