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technical seo.

Technical SEO is, and always has been, at the heart of what we do. Our dedicated technical team work tirelessly to ensure your website is capable of performing to its full potential for both users and search engines. 

  • Multi-platform and technology experience from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to React.
  • Adaptive bespoke problem solvers working beyond "best practise".
  • Detailed site and portfolio audits presented to be understood by all stakeholders.
  • Recommendations overlaid with business logic and reasoning.
  • Collaborative implementation to help get things done.
  • Training and bespoke consultancy to help move your business forward.

Built on technically sound foundations.

Modern SEO is underpinned by technical performance. Without a solid foundation, most SEO, outreach and even PPC campaigns will fail to reach their full potential. At Epiphany, we have always believed that a well structured, coded and performing website is the cornerstone of every campaign.

We have not taken action because Google has dangled a carrot, nor have we decided to jump on the current bandwagon. For us Technical SEO has always been key and since the very beginnings of Epiphany we have ensured we stay at the head of technical SEO; we've employed pure Technical SEO Strategists for many years.

We understand the power of solid site architecture, carefully designed internal link structures, site speed, hosting and following best practice in meta tags. We also understand that things are changing, there are always limitations and JavaScript is here to stay.

We work with you to find solutions to your problems that work for you. We don't force an SEO agenda, nor do we shy away from debate and discussion.

Full Technical Audits.

Our technical audit outlines how your site is currently performing and recommends improvements that will enhance search visibility in your specific sector or against a specific group of competitors. We then work with in-house teams to create implementation and delivery plans to make every recommended improvement.

Find out more about our Technical Auditing & Consultancy.


Our tried and tested approach to site migration takes the risk out of moving your site. We have successfully managed migrations of all shapes and sizes, across territories multiple languages including:

  • Full re-brands
  • Mergers
  • Full redesigns
  • CMS / platform migrations

Find out more about our Site Migration Process.

SEO Training

Through bespoke training, we can help improve SEO knowledge throughout your organisation. Everyone should understand the part they play in the ultimate success of your business within organic search. We can help incorporate SEO fundamentals wherever needed, from copywriting to marketing to design and development, both on or off site.

Find out more about our SEO Training opportunities.

If Search Engines can't see it or understand it, they can't rank it. It's as simple as that!

Thomas Nadin Senior Developer