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Site migration.

our expert seo and development teams have successfully handled migrations for a wide array of clients, ensuring that the process not only runs without risk, but also has the potential to improve your search visibility.

  • Robust, tried and testing migration processes capable of meeting the needs of any migration.
  • Real world experience. We have successfully handled migrations of all shape and sizes.
  • Collaborative working and documentation. We work directly with you to get the work done.
  • Risk assessments and mitigation. Our experience means we can be realistic about expectation setting and the risks involved with no doing it right.
  • Testing, testing and more testing. We believe in taking the guess work out of the process wherever possible.
  • War-room support. Sometimes 9am the day after go live just isn't fast enough. We provide support at the time you flick the switch and throughout the post-launch window.

website migration approach.

Our SEO team has a wealth of migration experience ranging from simple restructures to the merging of multinational brands. No two migrations are the same and our robust processes are scalable, making sure that migrations go smoothly for eCommerce giants and brochure sites alike.

We support site migrations by getting involved at an early stage in the project. We work with clients to plot sitemaps, templates, content, redirect maps, test crawling and to make sure that existing analytics and tracking technology remains intact.

We benchmark your existing site to learn everything we can about its current state and online legacy. Next we work with you to find critical assets and paths that have considerable link quality and identify any that may be flooded with bad back-links. We then produce a revised site map which takes into consideration efficiency, SEO and user intent.

Our SEO team are proficient in server configuration, regex, artificial intelligence and programming and we work with your IT department to produce and test redirects for your server configuration ensuring that confidence is high prior to pressing that button.

post-launch support.

Of course, the real test comes when the site launches and at Epiphany we won't leave you stranded. We provide war-room support at the time of go live to ensure that any issues are resolved or rolled back swiftly within minimal impact to users and search engines.

We conduct detailed analysis on your site following the launch date, checking rankings, traffic, conversions and identifying any areas for improvement ensuring that your site is performing as expected when it comes out of the migration period.

With failure likely to negatively impact your business for a long time, there really is no excuse for taking risks when migrating. 

Innocent Granger SEO Strategist