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penalty removal.

Our experts have solved some of the highest-profile penalties in search and have a leading track record in penalty removal and ongoing risk analysis.

  • Trusted processes for penalty removal
  • Proprietary technology for link auditing
  • Fast removal and disavowal of harmful links
  • Expertise in Reconsideration Requests and Disavow Files
  • Ongoing monitoring of backlink profiles
  • Long-term planning to build visibility back

a tried and tested process.

Our team has a leading track record in penalty removal, having worked on some of the highest-profile cases in search. Discretion is key and we understand the sensitivities of reversing a penalty quickly and without fuss. Our tried and tested processes enable us to do just that. From auditing the cause through to full resolution using Reconsideration Requests, Disavow Files and link removal, we know what it takes to get your site back in business following a penalty.

proprietary tools and technology.

When time is of the essence, you need experts who can cut through your link profile and take immediate action. Our knowledge of back-link strategies enables us to quickly analyse and identify penalty triggers even for new updates.

Epiphany’s proprietary Disavow Database has been capturing every website that we’ve disavowed over the years. It provides our clients with a significant headstart in any penalty removal process and provides reassurance that backlink profiles are continually monitored.

We use tools to help us filter through initial data, but ultimately review every single link into your site, manually, one by one, removing or disavowing anything that may be harmful and leaving anything that is helpful.

building visibility back.

Once your link profile is clean, we’ll submit a Reconsideration Request and a Disavow File to get that penalty removed, and set about building your profile back up again - only this time it'll be done in the right way, with natural, organic links founded on great content and engaging campaigns.

Google penalty has finally been revoked. Bubbly for me this weekend I think... Big thanks to the amazing Epiphany Search

On The Beach Tanesè Rivers - SEO and Social Media Manager