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local seo.

With local intent playing such a large part in search, local search is a vital element of any SEO activity. Our SEO teams are helping many of our clients reach customers through maximising their local footprint.

  • Capitalise on emerging local search technologies
  • Convert online search into offline customer engagement
  • Get more information in front of your customers
  • Think global, act local
  • Ongoing optimisation of local profile
  • Stay ahead of your competitors

Emerging technology.

The growing use of mobiles and recent algorithm updates have brought local search results to the forefront of search strategy. Google is continually providing its users more refined and relevant search results. In turn this is changing user interaction with search results in ever more complex ways. We help our clients to capitalise on emerging local search technologies.

local brand presence through search.

Local listings also provide more information that may persuade a searcher to choose your brand over a competitor. Reviews, opening hours and reservation options can all aid bookings. We know that people searching for local products and services are often more likely to convert, providing a great opportunity for businesses to attract customers without having to pay for clicks.

ongoing optimisation for your local listings.

Local SEO should be a continuous process, so with a focus on the NAP (Name, Address and Phone number), we continually create new citations and update existing ones to ensure your local results stay ahead of the competition.

Your local audience is important whether you are a new business or a multi-national brand.

Catherine Large SEO Strategy Manager