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programmatic display.

the majority of display today can be traded programmatically which results in many efficiencies in the buying process, resulting in better performance.

  • Sophisticated targeting and remarketing
  • Full range of ad formats
  • Brand safe inventory
  • 100% programmatic approach
  • Social, mobile and video
  • Fraud protection tools and technology

building your campaign.

Our campaigns start with a Client Immersion process that gives our display strategists an in-depth view of your business objectives, target audience and other marketing activity to ensure we put together a robust set of campaign ideas and recommendations. We then build out a variety of different targeting and audience strategies to test at the start of a campaign to gain learnings so we can run at maximum efficiency quickly.

custom data segments.

We then create unique bidding strategies across the main trading platforms and exchanges to achieve your goals. We create custom data segments allowing you to scale against key performing audiences by running this across web, mobile, video and social channels.

tactical excellence.

Many other tactics can be applied to a programmatic display campaign, such as TV synching to up-weight bids when you - or your competitors - have TV spots to extend reach and frequency online.

We can also create ‘private marketplace’ campaigns, where we whitelist specific key publishers you might want to work with, but trade programmatically resulting in cost savings and the ability to scale and guarantee inventory.

Programmatic advertising provides a great opportunity for marketers to reach the right people, on the right devices, at the right time. It can be used to keep pace with an ever-changing audience in an effective, trackable and efficient way.

Emma Ashby Head of Display
Emma Ashby, Head of Display

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