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Display & Paid Social.

innovative, personalised
and creative.

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  • Programmatic display across web, mobile, video and social
  • Tailored targeting strategies and retargeting segmentation
  • Complete transparency in impressions and costs
  • Data-led with granular audience insights
  • Full range of creative formats
  • Sophisticated personalised retargeting

data-led performance.

Epiphany's approach to display is grounded in data and results. Our analytical background means that we focus on the numbers to ensure you are getting the very best performance for your budget. We cut wastage and improve your current display campaigns.

Working with Jaywing we have developed sophisticated tools to generate granular insights about display audiences. Our data architecture and programmatic bidding tools draw on audience insights to make decisions about targeting, bidding and which ads to serve in real time.

consumer tracking.

This data architecture means that we’re able to help many of our clients to understand complex customer journeys and interactions online, offline and cross device.

Our approach liberates your data, allowing you to link your offline data with your online data for better insight, targeting and attribution. It provides completely customisable tracking for your requirements and allows our clients to understand the impact of viewability and the potential for incremental conversions.

Innovative ad functionality and formats.

There is an ever-increasing range of formats to buy programmatically and run across mobile, social, desktop and video inventory. We offer our clients access to a full range of ad formats including video. Our clients also benefit from sophisticated dynamic ads that serve hyper-personal adverts, relevant on a customer-by-customer basis and lead to better click-through rates and conversions.

beta technology.

In addition we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge in terms of new ad technology and tools to get the best out of your campaigns and put you ahead of the competition. Our great relationships with carefully selected partners mean we can often trial betas before they are widely available in the market.

Epiphany delivered great results from the word go. Their innovative approach to our campaign meant that display is an increasingly valuable channel for us. We are looking forward to seeing Epiphany target new platforms and expand the account further.

Keepmoat Katie Wall - Head of Marketing and Communications