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data and insight.

Our early insight phase identifies which user behaviours need to be influenced in order to increase conversions and support business objectives.

  • Establish commercial objectives for CRO
  • Building a research framework
  • Systematic approach to generate insight
  • Established processes and tools
  • Bespoke, consultative approach
  • Multiple first and third-party data sources

the business context.

An effective approach to CRO needs to be bespoke in order to support your specific business objectives. We take a consultative approach, immersing ourselves in your business to understand which behaviours your business needs to encourage more of, and from which audiences.

putting behaviour into context.

There is much more to conversion rate optimisation than heat mapping and multivariate testing.

Epiphany’s approach to CRO goes beyond describing onscreen interactions; we work to understand the context of user behaviour.

This context is best understood by drawing upon a wide range of sources that explain how and why visitors behave in certain ways on a website; these sources demonstrate the technical, psychological, emotional and economic factors that influence some visitors to convert into customers and some to look elsewhere.

The benefit of data in sight goes way beyond the testing means and can be used to inform key business strategies, taking the guesswork out of these decisions and letting data and your users tell the story

Source neutral.

We derive an understanding of how people are behaving on your site, and how they could behave, by using a range of different research techniques depending on the behaviour or conversion barrier that we want to explore:

Heat mapping
Eye tracking
User testing
Analytics conversion data
Social media listening
Content gap analysis
Focus groups
Competitor analysis

Once we understand what behaviours we need to enable, encourage and persuade more of, we move into Implementation and Build phases.