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build and implementation.

Epiphany’s team works as an extension of your own to build testing frameworks and design bespoke implementation plans for your business.

  • Build the business case for change
  • Understand the likely impact on conversion
  • Test assumptions before implementation
  • Design and build landing pages
  • Review multi-screen conversion rates
  • Create a long-term, systematic plan

Building the business case.

We understand that making changes to your website can be a complicated process involving multiple stakeholders. Our work in the insight phase gives us a good understanding of the cultural environment of your business so that we develop plans that win support and result in change.

We help internal stakeholders to understand that even small improvements can make a world of difference; a 1% increase in conversions can equate to hundreds of thousands of pounds of extra revenue.

testing our theories.

Testing is an important part of our process, taking the guesswork out of any recommendations prior to final implementation. We draw upon a range of techniques to check whether the changes that we recommend actually change onsite behaviour. This means that no time is wasted making changes that don’t result in increased conversion rates.


Once we’re sure that we’ve found solutions to conversion barriers we support in-house teams to implement changes or to design new assets, landing pages and content. We can also implement changes on our clients’ behalf.