Good UX is good business (cliché or not), and Epiphany’s user research, IA/content planning, and UI design are founded on multi-discipline expertise, ongoing research, and evolving best-practice from the work of leading industry experts.

Designing the successful user experience

User experience

A bespoke UX framework underpins all our projects, upholding and recording the ‘user-first’ narrative, based on best practice and empirical insights. We build a living document – based on a tailored ‘heuristic charter’ – which facilitates and mediates project activities; this keeps the process focused on the defined needs and behaviours of your customers, and is delivered as a UX report on project completion.

Usability research & testing

Relevant UX industry methodologies are deployed to help us plan, design and evaluate the likely success of your user interface, interactions and transactions. The broad resources available to us are founded on the latest insights – plus the specialist expertise and experience of our teams – to ensure we create a useful, useable and appealing solution for you and your users.

Content strategy

Our innovative approach ties the substance and structure of your channel activities directly to defined users’ wants, needs and problems, and your business goals. A robust, evidence-based information architecture drives the definition of the sitemap, page plans, new URLs and content purpose; and we suggest targeted activities to improve and maintain your content performance.

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