Building a user-first experience

As Google becomes more human-like with its latest AI technology, it’s crucial that we take a user-first approach to digital marketing. We like to practice what we preach and have built a dedicated UX lab in the heart of our studio, meaning we can now get to know our client’s users better than ever.

Unlock the true value of your data.

Cross-device eye-tracking technology

Investment in cross-device eye-tracking technology means we can delve into users subconscious and gather a deep understanding of users behaviours, motivations, concerns and needs, so we can recommend strategies that really resonate.

Live research sessions

Watching your users struggle conducting simple tasks on your website can be a real eye-opener that we wouldn’t want you to miss out on. That’s why we’ve developed a range of observation options, the research sessions can be live-streamed to anywhere in the world. So whether you want to come and observe from another Epiphany meeting room or from the comfort of your desk, you can experience the sessions first hand. We very much recommend clients come and observe the sessions live, allowing us to tailor them to you as the day/s go on.

Bespoke research studio Mindseye

Eye-tracking allows users to interact with your digital experiences as naturally as possible, without having to comment and rationalise their actions as they go. Our bespoke studio, Mindseye, has been developed with your users in mind. We’ve made particular effort to create an informal, familiar and comfortable environment that puts users at ease.

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What is user research?

Our technology means we can conduct research across any digital experience, including websites, wireframes, prototypes and apps.

Whether you want feedback on the full experience or specific pages, layout or content, we can help. And it doesn’t necessarily stop there, our eye-tracking glasses allow us to conduct research in the real-world, think in-store research, or even using eye-tracking to gather data to support PR campaigns.

It’s really important that research participants are representative of your target audience to ensure the insights you gather are relevant. We work with specialist third party research recruitment agencies to source suitable research participants, we’re also careful to ensure these participants don’t just meet with demographic requirements, but also that they are genuinely in the market for your product or service. We’ll work closely with you at the start of the project to define a detailed recruitment criteria in line with your business objectives.

What do I get out of it?

As well as the value from observing the sessions live, our expert team will collate insights, conduct analysis and develop key themes from the research sessions. This will all be delivered back to you in an optimisation plan, providing you with a prioritised strategy for website and business optimisation. We’ll also provide full session recordings and highlight clips to support key themes, arming you with the evidence you need to make change happen.