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It is clear that programmatic advertising is here to stay. It offers fashion brands unparalleled targeting and reach with the added benefit of measurability.

how this report helps you.

There are a lot of uncertainties as to what programmatic advertising is and what it involves. This report helps to breakdown these barriers and provides marketers with: 

  • An introduction to programmatic advertising
  • An understanding of its value for fashion brands
  • Programmatic formats and platforms
  • Targeting options for fashion retailers
  • The future of data-informed campaigns
  • Q&A - Common questions about programmatic advertising

Although this report was written for the Fashion marketers, the conclusions made can be applied to a variety of sectors.  

sector highlights.

Fashion retail is a fast-paced, ever-evolving  sector that has seen digital platforms play an increasing part in the customer journey. A complex range of products and a high level of competition create a key role for programmatic advertising to help brands keep pace and enable them to serve products to consumers in the most efficient way.

Programmatic advertising provides a great opportunity for marketers to reach the right people, on the right devices, at the right time. It can be used to keep pace with an ever-changing audience in an effective, trackable and efficient way.

Emma Ashby Head of Display