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In the lead up to the UK start of the Tour de France, Epiphany shed light on which cycling brands are visible online.

how this report helps you.

The report investigates the consumer’s journey in what used to be a very traditional process, as well as the ever-increasing cross platform search trends. It shows the greater penetration of smartphones and tablets, but more importantly, how this affects the consumer’s path to purchase.

sector highlights.

Many brands in the sector are not implementing both paid and organic search strategies together, which can significantly limit the successfulness of a campaign.

Halfords dominates organic search, which is not surprising given its overall range of products and reputation as a leading brand.

Evans Cycles is the most visible cycling-specific retailer across organic search.

Raleigh, a reputable cycling brand, has missed a significant opportunity by launching its relatively new ecommerce platform on a separate domain, restricting visibility in both the short and long term.

Halfords, Go Outdoors and Evans Cycles all appear to be benefiting from the natural coverage that larger, more established brands tend to gain. This contributes significantly to their continuous rate of link acquisition, overall links and domain authority.

Halfords has missed an opportunity by not having an on-site content strategy, instead relying on the power of its brand to gain natural links.

There is an opportunity for many brands to leverage their paid search advert extensions more extensively.

Non-specialist retailers are using paid search to enter and compete with a specialist market.