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Shape your mobile marketing strategy.

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Epiphany Search

Epiphany’s latest guide, Shape Your Mobile Marketing Strategy, details the steps brand-side marketers can take to optimise their mobile assets and develop a mobile-first marketing strategy.

With the UK now spending more time online on smartphones than any other device (UKOM, 2017); and a mobile-first Google index on the horizon, now is the time to consider how mobile users are finding you and engaging with your brand.

Marketing for mobile requires an in-depth understanding of where and how your audience is using their mobile, and what for. Only by understanding their motivations can you ensure that your brand is relevant and useful in that moment.

Following this, it’s important to understand how to optimise your site correctly to ensure that once the user gets there, they can fulfil their intention easily and quickly. For example, site speed can significantly increase the chances of a user bouncing and going to another site. If a mobile page takes more than 5 seconds than the average time to load, a user bouncing increases by a massive 90%.

Take a look at what our guide covers:

  • The impact of site speed: How you can increase your mobile site speed to avoid high bounce rates and users dropping off.
  • Crafting your mobile user journey: How the UX and design of your site on mobile can hinder or help your user’s journey.
  • The opportunity with programmatic display on mobile: The exciting opportunities with formats and targeting on mobile that you can use to reach and engage your audience.
  • Adjusting to a mobile-first index: How you can ensure your organic visibility in the SERPs on mobile.
  • PPC for mobile: What you should consider about your ads on mobile and how ad extensions can speed up the user’s journey to get what they want.

Download the guide for free here and please get in touch if you’d like any further information.