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Data & The Art of Programmatic Display: Launched in Marketing Week.

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Epiphany Search

At Epiphany and Jaywing, we predict that programmatic will soon be the standard way of advertising.

In 2016, it’s predicted that over £2.6bn was spent on programmatic advertising in the UK, and this investment in programmatic is showing no signs of slowing.

Today, we released Data & The Art of Programmatic Display with the last weekly edition of Marketing Week. This 36-page guide explores the opportunities available with a data-led, transparent and creative approach to programmatic display advertising.

Consumers today are moving seamlessly between various devices, by understanding the contexts in which each device is used and what for, brands can target specific audiences with ads that are relevant and timely.

Implementing this programmatically introduces the opportunity to efficiently target these audiences as individuals, but on a huge scale.

From how to effectively harness your data to improve targeting and relevancy, to how to find hidden conversions: the guide details an intelligent, connected and engaging approach to programmatic display advertising for brands to follow.

If you missed today’s copy of Marketing Week, simply fill out your details on the form on this page and we’ll send you a copy of Data & The Art of Programmatic Display.