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Google rolls out redesigned Google Analytics app.

The author

Nathan Jackson

Senior Analytics Consultant

Late last month, Google rolled out a redesigned Google Analytics app across both Android and iOS devices.

The user experience has been improved in the latest update, with the app being more intuitive and easier to navigate. The main use of the app is quick viewing and sharing of your Analytics data.

The design uses the Android Material Design Cards to display your data, which you’ll have seen across Google Search and Google Now.

Redesigned GA app

With these cards, you’re able to swipe across to change how the app visualises the data.

Redesigned GA app

And they’ve greatly improved the sharing functionality, which saves the card as a jpeg and allows you to share it through the other apps on your device. This image shows your recipient which view the report is from, as well as the date range, so no need to include that information – it’s all in the image!

GA report

The app currently is portrait only, but Google says that landscape is coming soon. In the future we’d like to see custom reports that you’ve made in the Google Analytics web interface appear in the app.

Whilst it won’t replace the web interface, it’s a great way to see and share your data on-the-go.

In summary, here are the benefits of the app redesign:

  • You can easily and quickly see your Google Analytics data on the move.
  • You can share this analytics information quickly and easily with colleagues via email, social media or messenger apps.
  • Access real-time data so you can stay up-to-date with your website’s analytics at any time of the day, anywhere.
  • You can customise your own dashboard, so you can instantly see the data you want to keep on top of.

The original announcement from Google can be found at, which includes additional information and a nine-minute video.