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Google Analytics 360 Suite.

The author

James Holding

Head of Analytics

Google has recently unveiled the Analytics 360 Suite, a combination of new and existing solutions. The Google Analytics 360 Suite consists of 6 products, 3 new betas and 3 re-branded products:

  •          Google Audience Centre 360 (beta)
  •          Google Optimize 360 (beta)
  •          Google Data Studio 360 (beta)
  •          Google Tag Manager 360 (re-branded)
  •          Google Analytics 360 (re-branded)
  •          Google Attribution 360 (re-branded)


Many other providers offer rival services (including individual products and product suites), however Google has a few key advantages:

1.        Integration with other Google Products

    a.       AdWords

    b.       DoubleClick Suite

2.       Fairly widespread third party support

3.       Many companies already use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, which makes the learning experience much simpler for many people


The Suite

Google Audience Centre 360 (beta)

Google have built their own data management platform - “it offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick, plus it's open to third party data providers, DSPs and more.” 

The integration aspect is the most exciting, being able to pull together internal data (CRM, Email, Display etc.) and combine this in one place that integrates directly with other products (such as analytics, attribution, DSPs etc.). Many marketers have to overcome many obstacles when compiling data sets, analysing the data then using the insight to directly influence outcome.

Google Optimize 360 (beta)

Optimise 360 (I hope the UK version does not have a z thrown in), is Google’s new website optimisation tool (similar to two major competitors VWO/Optimizley)

Aside from running website tests (which all websites should be doing to improve), the literature mentions using it for website personalisation. The optimise product has a direct link with analytics data, which it can use to make decisions on what is served to a user. If the tool is robust enough to be used permanently (rather than for temporary testing, as most test tools), it could be incredibly powerful. Many existing websites simply do not have the technology behind them to achieve this, and a reliable third party tool could prove invaluable, and help companies improve their web experience.

Google Data Studio 360 (beta)

Google offer a new data visualisation tool, capable of real time collaboration. If it works well, it should be useful, as it has access to the data from the rest of the analytics suite. The key for its success is likely to be how easy it is to use/customise.

Google Tag Manager 360

A product that already exists however we expect Google to continue improving and expanding the product, particularly to cater from enterprises clients (which will also differentiate it from the free version of tag manager).

Google Analytics 360 (formerly GA Premium)

Another product that already exists, likely to be expanded over the coming months.  Of the suite, analytics is a key tracking product providing data for many of the other products.

Google Attribution 360 (formerly Adometry)

A product aimed at large advertisers, who want to improve spend efficiencies between marketing channels.


Launch Dates

The new products are out in limited beta now (and the current products should be renamed over the coming months), and current Analytics Premium and Adometry customers should be informed if they are eligible to join the beta.

There is limited information available on pricing, however the signup form implies that products can be purchased on an individual basis.

At a guess, the individual products may be expensive (especially as they are designed to work well together), and it is likely to make financial sense to take the whole suite (as the suite appears to be intended to be used in collaboration). We will have to wait and see if this is the case.

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