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Epiphany's creativity praised this week.

The author

Sam Manning

Marketing Analyst

There’s no January blues in the office today as Epiphany’s creative teams are rewarded for their innovative design and development work from 2015!

Awwwards shortlisted Epiphany for agency of the year, alongside some of the best creative agencies in the world. The awards, in collaboration with Microsoft Edge, celebrate design, creativity and innovation on the internet.   

Awwwards describe their Annual Awards as: “a recognition of the effort, talent and innovation of the biggest professionals to create unique, innovative and beautiful websites that allow the internet to continue being a magical channel with infinite possibilities for art, knowledge and communication.”

This news comes in the same week as Epiphany was awarded UK Agency of 2015 by CSS Design Awards.  

CSS Design Awards posted this on their site: “The world is full of talent and inspiring design comes from all corners. What better way to celebrate this talent than by recognizing the best designers from each country? Therefore, without further ado, please put your digital hands together one more time for the new Best In Country recipients”

Check out some of the work that helped us achieve these great accolades: 

Bring on 2016!