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Epiphany’s World of Oil site for GSM London wins 3 awards.

The author

Joe Bonham

Lead Developer

We’re thrilled that our latest project for our client, GSM London, has won three ‘site of the day’ awards just weeks from launching, and has been featured in the prestigious Communication Arts online magazine.

The site, ‘World of Oil’, interactively explores 20 years of oil imports and exports around the world, displayed in a revolving 3D earth.

Here are the accolades it’s won so far:

This is a fantastic example of how our creative and technical teams work together at Epiphany, and it’s a project we’re particularly proud of in the studio.

The revolving 3D earth provides both the main visual appeal and the stage for displaying the data, which was sourced from UN Comtrade.

We used an intentionally minimal interface made up of clean Helvetica and simple icons so as not to distract from the visual impact of the oily globe.

The data itself has been presented in layers, allowing the user to start with the top ten countries by year and then moving onto a single country and finally rolling over pins to see the individual kg values.

We’ve also included some interesting points in the data, ‘Stories in Oil’, to identify important changes that the users can explore.

The site is built using front-end technologies, namely HTML, CSS and Javascript (ES6). We made use of the Three.js library to render the globe and draw the import/export lines as well as a number of animation libraries to ensure transitions were smooth and also manageable from a developer’s perspective.

We spent a lot of time tweaking and experimenting with this piece so that we had smooth animation of the lines and maximum visual impact.

The website has also caught the attention of many oil and gas industry publications, raising awareness for GSM London.

We’re really pleased with the recognition our creative work has received so far in just a few weeks, we love what we do here in the studio and we’ll continue to test and experiment to create original and immersive creative work for our clients.