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Cycle Tracks wins FWA and Adobe’s Cutting Edge Award.

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Epiphany Search

In a first for Amplifon and Epiphany, Cycle Tracks – a project that transforms Strava users’ cycling data into bespoke music tracks – has been awarded the FWA and Adobe’s Cutting Edge Project of the Week, after it previously won Site of the Day. 

The Cutting Edge Award is given to sites that best highlight the newest capabilities of the modern web. Cycle Tracks interprets cycling data using sound and visualisations to bring cyclists’ Strava rides to life on the web. It uses speed, duration, altitude and time of day to create an immersive experience that can be edited, shared and enjoyed.

“By leveraging the latest features and technologies in modern browsers,” Adobe and FWA explain, “these sites are pushing the web forward and setting new standards and expectations around what is possible on the web.”

Responding to the news of being named Cutting Edge Project of the Week, the team at Amplifon said: “We're always looking to test what can be achieved with audio technology and the modern web is a great channel to do this. We're proud to have won the Cutting Edge Award and it's great to receive industry recognition.”

Experience Cycle Tracks for yourself here.

The FWA (Favourite Website Awards) is globally recognised as the number-one achievement for innovative website design. It awards future thinking, progressively designed sites that use cutting edge technology, and inspirational ideas that lead the way for future generations.