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The Art of Hearing wins FWA site of the day.

The author

Lawrie Cape

senior front end developer

We’re delighted to share the news that our recently released Art of Hearing has been named as the FWA site of the day, Thursday 20th August.

Coming in as Epiphany’s 8th FWA win, together with our seven Site of the Day awards from Awwwards, this brings our total number of International Site of the Day awards up to 15.

The Art of Hearing is an immersive 3D hearing challenge from Amplifon. In order to use it, users must navigate abstract 360° environments, using only their ears, as they try to pinpoint the sources of particular sounds. A more accurate guess will result in a higher score as the environments come to life in beautiful watercolours. The Art of Hearing utilises cutting edge technologies such as WebGL, the Web Audio API and animated pixel shaders.

We’ve used a number of different front end libraries to make the site as engaging as possible. To build the immersive 3D webGL panoramas, we used ThreeJS, a leading open source 3D engine. Using webGL to power the experience not only made the site very fast, but also allowed us to tap into the power of pixel shaders - pieces of code that allow us to create custom stunning visual effects. We used these to transition elegantly between the initial, partially obscured views and the final beautiful watercolour landscapes.

To position the sounds within 3D space, we used Howler.js and the webAudio API. This allowed us to associate sounds with areas in the panoramas, and track the user's view relative to them. Through careful positioning and filtering, we built up the various sound environments.

The FWA (Favourite Website Awards) is globally recognised as the number 1 achievement for innovative website design. It awards future thinking, progressively designed sites that use cutting edge technology together with inspirational ideas that lead the way for future generations.

Experience the project here.