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Anthony Kenny

SEO Strategy Manager

Penguin is a strange one, on the one hand you'll have site owners dreading the update and on the other site owners begging for the update to happen.

We're 37 days shy of a year since the last penguin refresh happened (Penguin 2.1 – October 4th 2013) and for anyone working closely in SEO it's true to say that the last 12 months have been a somewhat unusual period in SEO.

Those that were hit are still waiting for that elusive update to happen to (hopefully) bounce back from the brink having put in serious efforts from link removal and disavowing through to cultural shifts in link acquisition tactics and changes in their approach of obtaining links.

However, frustratingly until Penguin refreshes you won't see the fruits of your labour as Penguin is not incorporated into the normal and ongoing search engine refreshes.

Therefore, it's best to continue your focus on cleaning your link profile as much as you can, as one thing is for sure: there will be an update, and based on various (and somewhat cryptic) correspondence from Google, it's not that far away.

Update 19/09: Penguin 3.0 likely to launch in 2014

In a recent Google Hangout, Webmaster Trends analyst John Mueller, stated that there will be a refresh in the “reasonable future”. Meaning that any sites that were hit by previous Penguin updates should finally be able to see their hard efforts in link removal and disavowing rewarded before the year is up.