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The Little Orange Book of Ideas.

The author

Tom Salmon

Managing Director

We’ve published the first edition of Epiphany's Little Book of Ideas; our collection of 20 of the most powerful ideas on marketing and strategic thinking.

Each idea has been handpicked because of its potential to produce better marketing. To shape strategy. To create change. To build more successful brands.

Complete with models, exercises and tips, it’s designed as a practical companion for marketers and strategists to use whenever they need inspiration or help addressing their most fundamental marketing challenges.

And, because we think that good ideas deserve to be shared, we’re giving it away for free.

15,000 copies landed with the Drum on 5th March. It'll also be available as a download very soon. We’re going to be blogging its contents, with extra video and information, over the next few weeks.

You can keep track of it all, and contribute your own ideas, on Twitter using #littleorangebook.


The Drum's series of excerpts from the book

Further excerpts from the book


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Internal page one - little orange book