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Six steps to greater influence.

The author

Dr David Mihell

Director of Insight

In the third excerpt from The Little Book of Ideas, Dr David Mihell outlines influence and the work of Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University.

Robert Cialdini identified six principles that help other people believe in you – and help you influence them. These have stood the test of time since being introduced in the early 1980s.

These ideas on influence can be applied to almost every aspect of digital marketing.

  • Reciprocate - People like to feel that life is fair, so when you ask for something (such as customer sign up), make sure you give something back
  • Be consistent - No alarms and no surprises… make sure that elements such as values, identity, tone and language are aligned (on landing pages, for example)
  • Use Social Proof - If it is good enough for them… show that others lend their support to you and what you have to offer
  • Be likeable - Highlight similarities, be trustworthy and show real concern for helping people achieve their goals
  • Be seen as an Authority - Show your expertise - and back it up with evidence - so your status as an reliable authority is clear
  • Show Scarcity - More value is attributed to those things that are harder to obtain, so limit availability to encourage uptake



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