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Review Extensions, Or, Being more influential in PPC.

The author

Marc Kay

PPC Analyst

Our resident director of insight recently discussed Robert Cialdini's six most effective ways to be influential, in an excerpt from Epiphany's Little Book of Ideas. As a vital skill in the PPC marketer's toolbox, to us being influential means being able to inform, reassure and persuade in just a few brief lines of text.

Dr David Mihell discussed the six principles here and I explored how these could be implemented into my PPC campaigns. Finding that two of the main points were readily applicable to a recent change in the sector I've been looking into, I'm going to explain how paid search marketers can “use social proof” and “be seen as an authority” within paid search results.

Google's Review Extensions enable advertisers to demonstrate that the company has been well received by others. If your products or services have received positive feedback, praise or even awards from reputable third parties, you can display this information within your adverts.

Let's consider the two concepts for a moment:
"Use social proof" - to show that other people support what your offering
"Be seen as an authority" - to demonstrate and back up your expertise with evidence

By utilising Review Extensions, you can easily apply these two principles to your paid search campaigns. The information that you can include in your ads by using Review Extensions, as mentioned above, provides social proof and also establishes credibility, building trust.

The review will be displayed as an extra line on your advert, as picutred, meaning that not only will it take up more space on the results page, but your adverts will instantly become more appealing to potential customers by standing out on the results pages prominently against ads without reviews.

If your review or award information is too long to fit into one line, there is no need to worry. As long as you are keeping the original meaning and context of the review, you can provide a summary or paraphrase the content.

As if you needed more persuasion, according to Google, you can witness up to a 10% increase in your click through rate with review extensions in place. So, with full control over the displayed message and at no extra cost, you can become more influential by making the most of Review Extensions.