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Google updates Change of Address tool.

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Epiphany Search

Earlier this week, John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google announced that they had just finished implementing the biggest overhaul to a feature that has being available in Google’s Webmaster Tools since 2009, the Change of Address tool.

Launched as a way for webmasters to inform Google that they were changing domain names, the change of Change of Address feature has become a key component of any domain migration.

Although the tool doesn’t yet support migrations such as HTTP to HTTPS or to, the overhaul now helps individuals avoid mistakes in the domain migration process ( to by using a step by step method that ensures:

  • Both domains are verified
  • 301 redirects are correctly setup
  • Checking the redirects don’t break the verification method  

Change Of Address Tool

Google believe this step by step approach will avoid many of the common issues that arise during domain migration.