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James Walker

Senior SEO Strategist

This week, Google have updated their webmaster quality guidelines, adding low-quality guest blog posts to the list of techniques that should be avoided in the specific guidelines section.

Last week, from the 8th August, the specific quality guidelines were as follows:

 old quality guidelines list

This week's update shows that the list now reads slightly different with the new addition:

 new quality guidelines

Google added the bullet point - "Creating pages with little or no original content", which links through to more detail about exaclty what Google means by this, which looked like this last week:

quality guidelines - old clarification

And now, this page reads slightly differently, as below:

 quality guidelines - new clarification

While none of this is new information, it seems that Google simply wants to offer clarification by clearly indicating that they consider low quality guest blog posts as a violation of their guidelines.

Back in January, Google’s Matt Cutts shared a post about how 'guest blogging as a way to gain links' is dead. He did however go on to confirm that there are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging and listed 'exposure, branding, increased reach and community' as potential benefits.