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Google provides Quality Score insight.

The author

Marc Kay

PPC Analyst

A good quality score has always been an indicator that you are targeting the correct keywords and that what you have to offer is relevant to those people who are searching.

Some of the finer details about how this is worked out, or what implication it has on your account as a whole have been kept quiet by Google, however in their latest blog post on the subject we are provided with a lot more clarification.

One of the main talking points from their newest white paper, Setting the Quality Score, is the fact that there are no ad group/campaign/account level quality scores. This has something that has never been clear in the past and has often caused clients to worry about the overall impact of having a low quality score campaign on the rest of the account.

Another main point is in line with Google’s constant focus on mobile browsing - a keyword can have a separate quality score on mobile devices. When Google uses the landing page experience as part of the quality score calculation, it will also take how easily the website is to navigate on mobile devices into account.

While we have been given a few more details on how quality score is worked out, the main principle behind it remains the same: to provide products, services or information that is directly related to what users are searching for.