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Brandcast 2014.

The author

Andy Heaps

Group Operations Director

Last night’s event included a public launch of Google Preferred in the UK


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YouTube’s annual Brandcast event took place last night in Battersea Park and we were lucky enough to be there.

Brandcast is an invitation only showcase of the best content on YouTube featuring success stories from brands and content creators that have switched on to its potential. Last night’s event included a public launch of Google Preferred in the UK.

Alongside appearances from Jamie Oliver, Rudimental and Zoe Sugg, the managing director of Google UK, Eileen Naughton, outlined Google Preferred - a program that ropes off the advertising space of the top 5% of content on YouTube for advertisers who buy inventory in advance.

This will mean that advertisers and marketers who invest in advertising space in advance will be given the opportunity to advertise against YouTube channels and content with the best engagement. That engagement is likely to be defined by a ‘P Score’ that takes into a variety of engagement signals like repeat viewership, length of viewing sessions, social sharing.

Video and YouTube in particular, still represents a huge opportunity for advertisers. The best stories from Brandcast last night all had one thing in common; authenticity. The channel links content creators and brands with their audiences in a way that no other platform does and I can't wait to explore the opportunities offered by Google Preferred.