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Bing set to change how to optimise by device.

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Epiphany Search

Yesterday, Bing announced an important update to the way in which advertisers will be able to optimise by device, which will be launching in September of this year.

Plans were revealed that will be bringing the Bing advertising interface more in line with Adwords enhanced campaigns.

Here's a brief summary of the news:

  • At present, it’s possible to have campaigns separated out by desktops, tablets and mobile devices in Bing, but this is set to change, with desktops and tablet devices being grouped together as one unified bid, as is the case now in Adwords.
  • Mobile devices will no longer be able to be separated out into individual campaigns, but bid modifiers can be applied, as is the case within Adwords.
  • Although tablets are going to be grouped in with desktop devices, it will be possible to alter a bid modifier on these devices differs greatly.

Read Bing's announcement here.

Having made the transition over to enhanced campaigns within Adwords, such a change in Bing will have a similarly minimal impact. Here at Epiphany, we’ll be able to draw upon experienced learned from the changes seen in Adwords to shape our new bidding strategy within Bing, meaning that performance won’t be greatly affected for client accounts.