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Neil Astin

Head of PPC

While reading the AdWords blog last week, one line really stood out to me: "You could say that for every offline action, there is a digital reaction. And it starts with search.”

When I began to think about my own day to day life, there was very little that I heard about that I didn’t respond to by looking it up online, whether it was a local, national or international news story, a sporting event or result, or even just something like ‘I’d heard the weather was going to be nice” – they all tend to lead to an online search from myself, and very likely from the majority of the people you want to reach online too.

So, how can you benefit from an understanding of this? I would suggest both a proactive and reactive approach.

A proactive approach would be thinking about the upcoming events that you know will result in an uplift in search traffic, which of these relate to your brand? For example, the World Cup, Wimbledon, Music Festival, Political Party Conferences. All things which are in the diary and will result in an uplift in searches, the question is, can you find a message and produce content on your site that will promote crossover engagement from people searching for these? Could you engage with people searching in these known peak periods?


More difficult, but potentially more rewarding, is a reactive approach. Can you react to daily events to be present for these unexpected uplifts in search volume? At the time of writing this there is a story around crime falling in the UK, can you benefit from this?

The question is not necessarily if your product or service is related to this story, but whether your product or service is desirable to the type of people who would be searching for this story.

Could you have engaged with people this unexpected increase in search traffic?


It’s an interesting thought, one which would require some customer profile insight, a willingness to test and be creative and the ability to turn around search campaigns quickly.

If you tick all of those boxes, there very well might be some bonus traffic out there for you!