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Matt Buckley, PPC Manager

The author

Matt Buckley

PPC Manager

Conversion rate optimisation isn’t just a subject that you could pick up a book on and become an expert.

There is no correct answer or solution to the problem. It needs a continuous, never ending approach that requires a good source of ideas to test.

To give you some food for thought and to help you out with generating new landing page test ideas, I have compiled a list of my ten favourite blogs on the subject - enjoy!

Unbounce - Perhaps one of the most famous CRO blogs. If you only have time to read one, make it this one.

Pro Impact 7 – Lots of ideas for testing, guides and tips.

Content Verve – More focused around optimising your copy.

Wider Funnel – A great all round conversion optimisation blog.

Smashing Magazine – Very design focused, a great read.

Kissmetrics – Less conversion rate optimisation, more general online marketing, but well worth a read.

Bryan Eisenberg – A great source of information and interesting topics for debate. Conversion Voodoo – Good tips on design and layout as well as more general SEM info.

Visual website optimiser – Great blog from a well-known company, worth checking in a few times a month.

Ion Interactive – Stuffed full of good ideas and some interesting posts on SEM in general.   If you have any favourites you think I have missed, be sure to let me know in the comments.