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Each fortnight, The Drum publishes a round-up of their favourite and most interesting examples of the latest creative work from across the web. This selection then faces a public vote to decide which will go on to feature in the next issue of The Drum magazine.

We're delighted that our 'Dangers of Drug Driving' site has been included inĀ the latest selection.

Made as part of our ongoing campaign for Evans Halshaw, the site is an interactive guide which demonstrates how different drugs affect your mind and impact driving ability.

A new 'Drugalyser' test is due to be introduced this year to help police detect and tackle drug driving offences. This site helps people understand how drugs can impact behaviour and impair judgement, and therefore help reiterate why it is so important not to get behind the wheel if under the influence.

We're very pleased to have our work is in the The Drum's Creative Roundup shortlist again and look forward to the results - don't forget to place your vote!