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New AdWords Developments & Enhanced Campaigns Changes.

The author

James Holding

Head of Analytics

Recently Google announced the release of new tools for Display adverts with the Google Display Planner.

This new tool was designed to aid advertisers when creating display network campaigns. Once logged in, the user can select interests, types of sites, a landing page and language/location.

The above screenshot (taken from Google’s original post) shows what the interface will look like, suggesting ideas for ad groups, keywords, interests, topics and placements.

The planning tool should give cost estimate information based on the set targeting methods, although how accurate these will be for planning campaigns remains to be seen.

Along with this new tool was the announcement of two further reports: Demographic Performance and Placement Performance. The Placement Performance aggregates the performance of manual and automatic placements. Demographic Performance allows advertisers to view performance data by demographic (such as age range etc), with which the data can be used to narrow down further targeting.

You can see what segment Google thinks you belong to by going to this site.

Social Annotations

Google recently announced that enhanced campaigns will automatically pull in social annotations when a connected Google+ page is found with a significant number of followers associated with it.

Mobile App advertisers & Enhanced campaigns

Advertisers can now use the enhanced campaigns bid weightings to reach mobile app users, including time of day, location, device and the usual display demographic information.

Ad Group level Mobile Bid adjustments

When enhanced campaigns first rolled out, the mobile bid adjustment could only be adjusted at camping level. Advertisers with significantly different mobile performance (for whatever reason), could find this restriction meaning they may spend less money on mobile for some ad groups than they would like to, especially if the gain is small and not worth restructuring entire campaigns just to accommodate mobile bid adjustments.

Google have now announced the ad group level bid adjustments will be available soon, so this should no longer cause any issues.

AdWords Spreadsheet Edit Set to Retire

Adwords has recently announced keyword bulk uploads. They have since announced the end of spreadsheet edits, superseded by the bulk editing features added towards the end of last year and the newly announced bulk keyword upload features within the ad words interface.