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Starting from scratch with Flyerzone

Flyerzone had just launched their new website when they joined with Epiphany in September 2011. The aim was to create a long-term search strategy to allow Flyerzone to reach its customers effectively.

The new site had no link equity and wasn’t ranking on Google or Bing. Our initial objective was to secure top 100 rankings for a set of core terms focused around Flyerzone’s products. 

Within a six-month period, total visibility had increased from 12% to 45%, (SearchMetrics); the company was outperforming its highest ranking competitor who had 36% visibility, despite its relatively new position in the market. Flyerzone was now in first position for a number of key converting terms, such as leaflet design and business flyers.

This high visibility caused a surge in traffic and conversions. Non-brand traffic rose 300% and organic non-brand revenue improved by 1010% in a six-month period.  

To achieve these results, we created content and marketing assets to appeal to SME’s. We produced several creative pieces which engaged Flyerzone’s small business customer’s online and provided them with a free resource. Coverage of the campaign gained large exposure across relevant sites.


Flyerzone Visibility

Flyerzone's Visibility - from Search Metrics