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Matt Gardner

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The internet never stops being boring. That's a problem, too, especially when you work in an online business and you're trying to nail the next piece of writing, or whatever it is everyone else seems to be doing away from my blinkered outlook on copy.

Still, it can be worth it - and hopefully, the latest Epiphany Top Ten will show you that the internet is not just a selection of cat videos, Royal baby news stories, and rude pictures (well, at least until David Cameron has his way).

1. Take A Tour Of Our Gaff

We had The Googles in our office the other week, and now their time and effort has given us the chance to show our families and friends just how lovely a place Epiphany is to work - take a tour.

Keeping in character, there are plenty of Easter eggs to be found around here - in fact, the first person to find and decipher the binary message wins a special (and probably daft) prize from me... just tweet me @matthewgardner and I'll sort something out with you.

2. Seven Words The Internet Should Stop Saying Right Now

The copywriter in me isn't going to write a list without a mention of the use of language, and Susanna Wolff hits the nail on the head here - particularly the use of "so", "RIP" and "literally". While I'm on this topic, here are a few other terms that ought to be banned forever: "moving forward(s)"; "blue sky thinking"; "action" or "party" as a verb; and "close of play".

3. A Grand Tour Of Hashima Island

He'll probably hate me for promoting it here, and it's not as if it needs to be anyway - it's already been shortlisted for awards, just days after release - but Bryan James, one of our particularly creative folk, put together one of the most stunning and eerie interactive tours of Hashima Island. Must be seen to be believed.

4. Woodlands Resort Knows How To Satisfy

Being hilarious has its perks, as one Redditor found while staying at the Woodlands Resort in the US. The extremely specific demands were so flippant that the guest forgot he requested them in the first place, until he checked his bed…

5. Vogue In 'Sense of Humour' Shock

The Konami Code  comes into its own on the Vogue site, courtesy of Conde Nast. While there have been plenty of sites using the code for their own hilarious means online, this effort stands out as the best in recent years. Try typing it on the homepage, if you haven't seen it already.

6. Six Video Game Characters From Your Childhood That Made You Hate Your Friends

I'll still never forgive my friend Richard for his devious means of beating me at GoldenEye. Every single time for about four months, he'd pick one of the small characters, Moonraker Elite (Female), then run up to me and slap me to death while I aimed and fired fruitlessly at the floor with dual DD44 Dostoveis. When I clocked what he was doing, he switched - to Baron Samedi.

Nowadays, he just makes me storm out of the games room of the National Media Museum in a huff because he's a shield camper. This great article is dedicated to people like him.

7. Live Aid 2013

I don't know about you, but I like it when young kids don't die. I guess I'm lucky that I share the same intentions of Live Aid in 1985, when some of the greatest people who ever walked this earth - predominantly self-interested musicians, admittedly - got together to promote the noble cause of young kids not dying unnecessarily.

Live Aid 2013 in Newcastle aimed to do the same thing. Watch one Epiphanite (I think that's the term...) get involved in this cracking send-up to the greatest show in the world.

8. Detroit News' Charlie LeDuff delivers again

Charlie LeDuff is no stranger to controversy, though his personal style of reporting has already earned him plenty of fans. Another video has surfaced of this maverick, responding to a fly-tipper with a penchant for dumping tyres and not answering his door at an important time in his life.

9. The BBC tells it like it is

While the Daily Express and Daily Mail are having a field day at the moment, the "news" regarding the Royal baby hasn't exactly been thick or fast, aside from M&S assuming that it's beautiful! Chances are it might not be - who knows?

Either way, Simon McCoy tells it like it is in this delightful clip. It's just a shame that certain petitions didn't spice things up a little bit.

10. Blood Is Definitely Thicker Than Water

Want to see the true effects of genetics? One photographer sets out to show just how similar family members are, on a very simple visual scale. It's an interesting insight into your future, if you want to carry out the same experiment with loved ones.