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Andy Heaps

Group Operations Director

Our early March bulletin summarises the recent announcements, releases and updates in organic and paid search to keep you in the know.

This week, we are reporting the news of lifted penalties, Google launching a guide to their search engine and the rollouts of some key changes. If you would like more information or advice on anything below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Organic Search


Google Reinstate

After the recent deindexation, Interflora’s ranking have now returned. Google lifted their penalty on Sunday, just in time for Mother’s Day. Due to the short period of penalisation and the return of rankings just in time for a peak trading period, it is speculated to be a public outing by Google. This type of activity from Google has been seen previously in similar high profile cases, such as JC Penny and BMW in recent years, to prove a point rather than enforce a traditional penalisation.

Google Launch “How Search Works”

Google have created an interactive infographic that helps visualise how their search engine works. While it doesn’t go into specific details, they do provide an overview of the whole process from the initial crawling of the web through to displaying results in its search engine results pages.

“How Search Works” also provides a glimpse in to how they are approaching the fight against spam, including data on how many “Manual Action” messages have been issued by Google, along with how many “Reconsideration Requests” have been submitted.

Bing Improves Image Quality within Bing Maps

Last week saw Bing roll out a series of quality improvements to the photography within Bing Maps to begin to rival that of Google Maps. These updates include better cloud filter technology, to remove clouds and their shadows from obscuring the land beneath, as well as visualising the topography of the ocean floors.

Paid Search


Changes to Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook is launching another version of its newsfeed. The updates are thought to have been made in an attempt to improve the way that news, stories and advertisements are displayed to Facebook members. However, it is up for debate whether the improvements are to benefit the users or advertisers.

Enhanced Campaigns – Further Insight

Google have published another helpful blog which provides further insights about enhanced Adwords campaigns. This article explains the greater benefits about location bid adjustments and offer extensions – a recommended read!