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In a previous blog, I spoke about Google releasing Dynamic Search Ads. Well, they have been available to advertisers for a while now and there is a varied opinion on how much of a strong opportunity these are.

An important point to note before running this type of campaign is whether your website is appropriate. With a website that contains a wide range of content, the negative keyword list will need to be extensive and targeting the right areas of the website is also important. Otherwise your dynamic advert will start showing for some highly irrelevant terms.

For websites with content focused only around one type of product or service, depending on what it is there is generally less risk. You are able to target certain sections of your website instead of the whole website if you choose to.

This can make your campaign more targeted and exclude sections of the website you know won’t perform well or show a poor performance during initial testing. It is important to regularly view the search query reports to check what your ads are actually showing for. W

hen I did this initially, there were many completely irrelevant search terms showing up. Although these search terms had a small relevance to the products on the website they were not at all what people would use to search when looking to purchase these products online. This meant I had to do a lot of research to add in the right negative keywords.

Dynamic Search Ads are seen as an opportunity to fill the gaps in your search account with minimum effort, but the effort that is needed to have a comprehensive negative keyword list can far outweigh that. However, this really does depend on your website content.

I also did some searches to see what the dynamic headline within the ad looked like for each of these search terms. In many instances, it was not the headline I would have chosen if it was a standard advert that I was able to manipulate before going live.

The concept of using the website content to show for relevant searches and dynamically create ads is fantastic, but precautions need to be taken to ensure it is bringing relevant traffic to your website.

It is quite early days for my Dynamic Search Ads campaigns but the main positive I have taken from them so far is being able to view the search query reports and find new keywords to add into the main search campaigns.

The performance has been average so far and these campaigns need to be monitored closely, but further testing is required before I completely make up my mind on these.

What are your thoughts and experiences of Dynamic Search Ads?