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A brand with the customer at heart.

The author

Richard Terry

Group Account Director

The area I want to focus on, or more specifically the message I want to focus on, is this: 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

Do you remember this video?  I do.

Showing this to clients back in 2009, when it first emerged, was a very powerful way of talking about the need to create a social footprint as we took the steps towards ensuring the content for our clients would be of a standard that people would want to share and therefore naturally link to.

One of the keys to the impact caused was obviously the figures – quantifying an almost unquantifiable approach to digital marketing.

But the area I want to focus on, or more specifically the message I want to focus on, is this:

I’m sure this figure has increased, and invariably search campaigns will now have customer reviews and testimonials as part of both their content and conversion strategies.

But it’s the use of another channel that I want to talk about here – the recent campaign by Kia. I want to applaud them for having the bravery and the conviction in their brand to lead with customer reviews as the sole marketing message.

By effectively putting the brand in the hands of their audience, they’ve taken a very brave step and one that three or four years ago would have potentially been social suicide.

With social media very much being the realm of the customer services team rather than the marketing team, this approach must have been sometime in the making and has obviously been driven at a business level – this isn’t something that a business can just say they do. They have to actually do it!

Their TV campaign simply asks the users to go their site and see what their customers have to say about them… So I did. And then I sorted their results by the lowest reviews to see if their campaign had failed.

To be honest, I was happy to find a lot of results in there ranking them at 1/10. Not because I’m a miserable sod, but because I wanted to see if they’d done it properly, and fair play they had.

Take a look at the below example:

By offering their customers this platform to have an open whinge and spending a substantial media budget on promoting it, they had potentially opened Pandora’s Box, so I salute them for being ready to deal with it.

As you’ll see from the above example, they’ve taken the time to go back with a bespoke response to deal with the customers issue. While this customer may have initially rated them as a 1/10, they are now far more likely to recommend the brand through any number of social channels and anyone reading the review can also read the company’s response.

This demonstrates the commitment of a brand who are clearly dedicated to listening to their audience and doing what’s required to make them better… A strategy that should be taken on board by all businesses.