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Tracking app downloads driven by AdWords is no longer just for Android.

The author

Neil Astin

Head of PPC

Google has recently announced the ability for AdWords advertisers promoting iOS apps to track eventual ad driven downloads (covered wonderfully by my colleague here). Previously, whilst download stats were available for Android apps, most of us had to rely on just click numbers for iOS apps.

As with all PPC activity, the key in terms of whether you can make a success out of your app promotion using this method (In App Display through AdWords) is whether you can both target your ads effectively and show value in terms of conversions.

Google have had the targeting covered for some time, indeed you can target your campaign at specific mobile or tablet models, as well as specific app categories -


- or even just at specific apps (it should be every advertisers goal to have their ad on a racing penguin game):

However, the tracking of eventual downloads for your promoted app being restricted to Android only meant that you had a degree of blindness about the value of your overall app promotion and the different targets or devices being used.

This new feature should go some way to opening advertiser’s eyes to the effectiveness of their campaigns. My excellent PPCer friend Hayley has your setup needs covered here, and as you’d expect it’s not quite as seamless as the Android.

There is also the restriction that this can only track downloads driven by mobile ‘in app’ adverts. This means that Google search driven ads, even if performed on mobile and linked directly to the App Store cannot be tracked through to download.

Is anyone seeing particular success advertising their App in this way? Is the ability to track downloads on iOS as well as Android the news you’ve been waiting for before you start your campaign?

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