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Andrew Lowdon

Senior Account Manager

Are you a bit bored of writing status updates or tweeting about something? If that’s a yes, there’s a new social platform that may be right up your street. Tout allows users to record and share 15 second videos, which can then be shared with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and phone contacts. Tout’s rise to prominence has a lot to do with its use by the world renowned wrestling company WWE, who have really engaged with a number of social media platforms to engage with their fan base. It’s not surprising that the WWE is heavily championing Tout to its fans considering they have invested $5 million in it. The WWE have been encouraging fans to send in their Tout videos discussing the WWE and they then show a selection of these videos on TV. They have also been using Tout in onscreen storylines, with wrestlers using Tout as a tool to communicate with their fan base and fellow wrestlers. Tout does suffer from a similar limitation to Twitter; while Twitter only allows 140 characters, Tout limits videos to 15 seconds. So who will find a use for Tout? Athletes – We saw recently at the Olympics that there is a desire from the public to get close to athletes and see what they get up both in and out of competition. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video? Social media helps athletes to show their human side, behind the scenes videos of their training and downtime could really help here and crucially make very easy to share content. This could also apply to celebrities in general. Sports Teams – Football clubs such as Manchester City are getting heavily involved in social media. Using specific Twitter hash tags to allow fans to get involved in the conversation prior, during and after a game. How about encouraging fans to send in their Tout videos which can be shown on the big screen in a stadium (once approved by an admin) to share their thoughts on the game? Reality TV – I could see this working well with a show like The Xtra Factor and TV shows which rely on user engagement. In the last series of The Xtra Factor, users could use Skype to ask the celebrity panel questions, but the picture was usually of a poor quality. Users could use Tout to record questions or provide their views on the performances. Brands – With the rise of social media, there has been an increase in demand for user generated content. Brands could create competitions encouraging their fans to show why they love their products. These videos could then potentially be used in adverts to provide a different view point for the audience, rather than hearing a message direct from the brand again. I think that Tout has huge potential to really take off as a social platform. The key to success will be to promote how Tout can complement the current social network offerings rather than replace them. It would be great to hear your views on Tout. Have you used it? Marketers, how would you use it and who can you see it working for? Let me know either here or on Twitter @andrewlowdon.