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We like sharing our experiences, thoughts and reviews of the latest events in search. In fact we've posted 2717 articles on this blog this year. Here's a round up of the ‘Top 20 Most Read Epiphany Blogs of 2012’ post (our 2718th post of 2012!).<strong> </strong> Enjoy!

We like sharing our experiences, thoughts and reviews of the latest events in search. In fact we've posted 2717 articles on this blog this year.

Here's a round up of the ‘Top 20 Most Read Epiphany Blogs of 2012’ post (our 2718th post of 2012!). Enjoy!

1. Facebook connection map

Our most visited blog post this year features the social graphs made at Facebook, which demonstrate the reach of the social media platform in connecting people across the globe. With a very impressive visualisation, this reflects that 2012 was another year for Social – both in terms of its growth and development and its significance across industries worldwide.

2. How to use Beyonce’s baby and other popular trends to set up Facebook targeting

In this post, Matt blatantly jumped on the media storm bandwagon to demonstrate a point – that successful search marketing is not only about spotting emerging trends, but utilising them within campaigns. Including tips on how to put this into action, the fact that this post is our second most read in the whole year I think is evidence enough to prove his point!

3. Yahoo!’s answer to Google Instant: Search Direct

Following an announcement of the launch of Yahoo!’s ‘Search Direct’, Samia provided what proved to be a highly demanded insight into this development, dubbed to be their answer to Google Instant.

4. The impact of Google’s Search Partners on your AdWords campaign

In this thoroughly in-depth post, Peter debates how results of paid search campaigns can be affected by your choices when it comes to Google’s Search Partner network. If you work in the Paid search industry, this is well worth a read – though I’d recommend you put the kettle on first!

5. Who will be the travel industry’s online leaders in 2012?

2012 has been a big year for the travel industry, especially in terms of search marketing and competition for online presence. Epiphany released a sector report specifically about the Travel industry and Vicky’s post here looks at data released  which reveals some interesting information – including the ‘Top Travel Agencies’ and ‘Top search terms’, to name a few.

6. Pintrest: Social media’s rising star

As soon as Rose got herself hooked on one of the newcomers to the social scene this year, she had to tell everyone all about the emerging platform. Including the what, how and why, Rose provided the low-down for everyone who was yet to catch on to the rapidly growing site.

7. The Volkswagen Darth Vader advert: Was it a success?

In a break from his usually purely SEO focused posts, Malcolm wrote a top ten post of the year about his other passion – Star Wars. Malcolm debated the success of the advert in terms of building product and brand awareness, where it would seem the campaign did more to promote Star Wars than the car manufacturer.

8. Using ORM Designer with Symfony 2 

Our Internal Projects Web Dev expert, Steven Lewis, posted his review of some new tools he’d been using to write some of our internal web tools - our most popular web development tool review of 2012!

9. How Compare The Market could use their TV campaign to improve rankings

SEO Manager Rich Lawrence posted his report looking into how this successful ongoing TV campaign could be utilised to even further benefit the company’s online presence, brand awareness and site rankings.

10. Changing Economy or Failure to Change?

When HMV and Waterstones announced that they were going to be closing large numbers of stores, listing various reasons such as difficult trading conditions, Shane decided to investigate a bit further. In this post he discussed whether it might instead be down to a reluctance to recognise the evolving needs and behaviours of their consumers. This is one of the older posts to make this list, but the message is doubtlessly just as valid today as it was when written.

11. How to add the Facebook Like button to your website

A straightforward tutorial post which ‘does what it says on the tin’, Mike’s post is a no-nonsense and well explained how to guide for setting up a website essential.

12. If you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion

Probably one of the nerdiest posts in this list (Sorry Ian!). When the Windows 8 Metro interface was launched, Ian pointed out its distinct similarity to a dialup service which was created in 1985.

13. The impact of pagination on SEO

What is it? How can we use this? What are the benefits? Issues – how do we avoid them? All your pagination questions can be answered in Paul’s detailed post here.  

14. Debugging PHP with Eclipse and Xdebug

Another post from our Internal development team, in this one Dan discusses debugging – to be honest, it doesn’t make all that much sense to me but I understand it’s been very helpful to a lot of people!

15. “Innovations distinguished between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

A key figure of recent times, a global inspiration and innovator of our generation, news of the terrible illness Steve Jobs suffered and then of his passing away shook the world. This blog was posted when the announcement was made that Steve would be taking indefinite medical leave from his role at Apple.

16. E-privacy Directive – “Implied consent” now deemed acceptable

One of the biggest landmarks in the industry from 2012 was the introduction of the E-privacy Directive (aka the Cookie Law). With huge amounts of debate leading up to the date it was due to be put in place, this post details the changes made to the law just hours before it was due to be implemented.

17. Event tracking tutorial

Our Head of SEO, Dan Peden provided a useful guide on how you can track outbound links and internal page clicks using Google Analytics Event Tracking. Enjoy!

18. April fool’s hoaxes

In this thoroughly entertaining post, Drew takes a look back over a decade of April Fool’s day pranks that Google played on the world. Whatever next Google!

19. How to improve your Google Search Partner’s PPC performance

Following on from Pete’s post in 4th place, Matt has provided another insight into how you can improve ROI by identifying and solving any issues that might be affecting performance.

20. Top link building resources and tools

The final post to make the Top 20 list is Part One of this cracking three part guide to link building tools, guides and top tips. A really useful and insightful resource to both experienced and new people to the scene.


So, there you have it – the 20 most popular Epiphany blog posts from the past year. I hope you enjoyed looking through those and look forward to another year of insight, tutorials, news and debates. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of our posts – just get in touch!