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Tom Salmon

Managing Director

Our fortnightly celebration of stuff that wins at the internet. In absolutely no order, here's a list of stuff that made us smile, bogle, scratch our heads and generally ruined productivity for ten minutes. 1. Bill Gates predicts Siri... in 1987 Bill predicted it, Steve made it happen. Also, we will have serious voice recognition. I expect to wake up and say, “Show me some nice Da Vinci stuff,”  and my ceiling, a high-resolution display, will show me what I want to see—or call up any sort of music or video. The world will be online, and you will be able to simulate just about anything. 2. What if your bathroom mirror could tell your life story? 3. Grange Hill. Dubstep. Sausage. 4. Endless fun looking for your house (which wasn't built) on vintage aerial photographs Cue office conversation: 'That's my house' 'So?' 'Just saying'. Classic desk chat brought to you by English Heritage's recent project. 5. An an unresolved Russian mystery Baffled investigators said the group died in 1959 as a result of “a compelling unknown force” — and then abruptly closed the case and filed it as top secret. From the St Petersburg Times. 6. Proof that exploration isn't dead You know how it is. You work Monday to Friday, take the kids to school. Then at the weekend you break into weird places and take photos. Standard stuff. 7. Take a trip with Gmail Easter egg spoiler alert... Type 'dance' and watch the moves. 8. A rediscovered gem, Lord Bragg interviews the late Dennis Potter Dennis Potter interviewed by Melvyn Bragg on March 15 1994. It was broadcast by Channel 4 on April 5 1994. Potter sipped liquid morpheine to help him get through the interview. He died on June 7 1994. 9. Cookie monster joins in the Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" meme (at least it wasn't the Abercrombie and Fitch beefcakes) 10. Bing's Senior UX design lead, Manuel Lima, considers how network visualisation can help make sense of the world! This fortnight's list was compiled by Tom Salmon.