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Rose Mountague

Creative Director

Our latest roundup of things that win at the internet, including the Superhuman Paralympics, an awesome webcam trick and the first ever Vimeo campaign for Old Spice. In no particular order, here is our selection of things that excited us this month. Enjoy! 1. Meet the Superhumans  Suffering from Olympic withdrawal? The accompanying advert to this years Paralympics, titled 'Meet the Superhumans' by channel 4, has given the games the most incredible build up turning our discriminations upside-down. 2. Teaching Drunk Drivers a lesson…  Insurance company Allianz teamed up with OglivyOne Brazil to raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving by installing 'drunken mirrors' in the bathrooms of bars and clubs. 3. Somebody that I used to know Just something pretty awesome. A cover of Gotye's 'Somebody That I used to Know' by Walk off the Earth. 5 people, playing 1 guitar. 4. A Typeface that create graphs? Hello FF Chartwell. Who would have thought it? For all those designers out there painstakingly entering figures into illustrator's chart tool need not worry anymore. Here is a quick guide on how it works. 5. Web Cam Mesh A HTML 5 demo that projects web cam video onto a WebGL 3D Mesh. 6. New Microsoft Branding After 25 years, Microsoft reveals their updated logo to the world. Following from the Windows 8 Logo designed by Pentagram partner Paula Scher, the logo represents a stripped down version of its existing logo illustrating simplicity is key... 7. Space Missions Infographic timeline showing the launch dates of more than 100 missions between 1958 and 2019. 8. Old Spice Muscle Music The first ever Vimeo campaign for Old Spice by Wieden & Kennedy Portland. This interactive video gives uses a preview of what Crews can accomplish with his pecs, triceps and sartorial adductors then invites you to try it out yourself using your keyboard to control Crews' muscles. 9. Learn GIT GIT allows groups of people to work on the same documents (often a coding document) at the same time, and without stepping on each other's toes. Magical. 10. The Boks Quiz A lovely interactive quiz that teaches parents and teachers how to improve the mental and physical health of kids.