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The Epiphany Digest: Updates and changes in Search Marketing .

The author

Andy Heaps

Group Operations Director

Here’s our weekly update on the important changes in the fast moving world of organic search and PPC for our clients and regular visitors to our blog.

Organic Search

1. Panda 21 Algorithm Update Google has confirmed that it issued the 21st update to their Panda algorithm on 5th November. It seems to be a small update, compared to Panda 20 which was the largest one to date that occurred in October, and it’s estimated to have affected just 0.4% of all global search queries. 2. Complaints Against IE10’s “Do Not Track Enabled” Feature Following on from last week’s launch of Microsoft Windows 8 with Internet 10 packaged as the standard web browser, many of the largest digital companies have voice concerns over the IE10 browser’s default “Do Not Track” function, which results in website analytics packages not being able to track users’ activities accurately.

Paid Search

1. Facebook custom audiences You can now use your own customer databases to create audience segments on Facebook to target using adverts. If you have a large database of your customer email addresses for example, you can run these through Facebook’s database and look for any matches. Where found, you’ll be able to specifically target that group. 2. Improving consumer insights Google has released an online survey tool to help businesses gain consumer insight - making it easier to get answers in order to make major decisions with consumer behavior and preferences in mind. You simply submit a range of questions you’re looking for answers on and when users are browsing the web, before accessing premium content such as news articles or videos, they have to answer your question first. 3. Changes to display network reach settings In Adwords, Google has announced that display network reach settings are now going to be made available at ad group level – something that hasn’t been possible before. Advertisers will now be able to tailor who sees their adverts across Google’s display network at a much more granular and controlled level.