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Product Listing Ads – Labelling for Success.

The author

Neil Astin

Head of PPC

There is no doubt in my mind that the single most important advancement in AdWords over the last couple of years was the introduction of PLAs. In theory, these sound simple enough: throw your feed into AdWords, let Google match searches to your product titles and descriptions, then watch the revenue come in. However, if you’re really ROI focussed, you should be looking at ways to control your bids more granularly than simply blanket bidding for all the products in your feed, that is where the adwords_labels feed attribute comes in. But, how do you label for success? If you really want the ability to change your bidding tactics between product groups and even individual products without constantly having to go into your feed and making wholesale changes, you need to put some thought into this right from the start. One idea would be to give each product in your field several adwords_labels which allow you to target wide ranging groups of products or single products as necessary. Consider the following snippet of product feed and let’s see how we may want to target these and what labels we may need: You can target the brand field already from within AdWords and so no separate attribute needs adding for this. You cannot, however, target the custom field such as ‘sub brand’ and ‘pack size’ and it stands to reason that these are likely to cost and convert at different amounts and so you would want bid different amounts on these. Adding adwords_labels to each product here would allow us to slice these up in a variety of ways and target at any granularity we choose: So the labels added cover Sub Brand, Pack Size and unique ID. Remember, you can assign up to three product targets per ad group and so this gives us the ability to target either the whole feed or any section of the feed or indeed any individual product separately without having to constantly update your feed with new labels. Let’s say you have an offer on just the 10 packs of Widget Company’s Blue Hot Widget 10 pack (highlighted yellow) you could simply target the individual product by setting up and ad group, assigning the product target adwords labels = id 7 and you now have an ad group which targets this one product only and you can produce a specific bid and promotional text specific to this product only. You have another offer on the Widgets Are Us Blaze Widgets 10 packs (highlighted green), create a new ad group with the product targets adwords labels = Sub Brand Blaze Widget and adwords labels = Pack Size 10 and you now have an ad group targeting only those two products in the field. Have you had any success targeting portions of your feed in a similar way? Have you taken a completely different approach? Let me know below!