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Penguin 1.1 Update: The First of Many.

The author

James Walker

Senior SEO Strategist

On the evening of Friday 25<sup>th</sup><strong> </strong>Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted the confirmation of the first Penguin update.

On the evening of Friday 25th Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted the confirmation of the first Penguin update. Matt Cutts @mattcutts Minor weather report: We pushed 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects <0.1% of English searches. Context: With less than 0.1% of all English searches affected it is unlikely many websites will feel too much of a backlash from this. So although this will probably be the first of many Penguin updates the percentage affected is relatively low compared to other algorithmic updates such as Panda. Over the past couple weeks there has been speculation about whether Google had already updated Penguin. However, this is the first update Google have made to Penguin. If you have been hit by these updates then don’t expect to see your rankings increase back to where they were instantly. Google will need to run Penguin again before you are likely to see any recovery in rankings. This has obviously led to a lot of complaints in forums and a lot of negative comments about the update. This is however Google’s latest attempt to bring users higher quality results. More about Penguin Google initially released its Penguin update on the 24th April. The aim of the Penguin update was to target webspam in an aim to reward high-quality sites and decrease rankings for sites that they believed were violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. Just over a month later Google have updated their Penguin algorithm change, just as they did many times with the Panda update. The original Penguin update impacted an estimated 3.1% of English queries whereas the original Panda update affected 12%. So although not as large as Panda, Penguin is still just as important. If you think you’ve been wrongly hit by Penguin, fill out Google’s feedback form.